Centiri invests and can provide management support for Software as a Service platforms across the globe.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is made available through a subscription and is centrally hosted. Over the last few years SaaS sales have grown an estimated 72 billion USD.

At Centiri we strongly belief that SaaS will continue to transform companies to deliver more value for more customers, while delivering more utility and more profit across a variety of sectors from health to entertainment, advertising and legal.


Is one of the leading global influencer marketing SaaS platforms, having managed over 3.000 cooperations and providing small to mid-sized businesses with a network of over 5.000 high quality, pre-qualified influencers. Their unique campaign wizard provides a high degree of automation to the otherwise laborious process of identifying, contacting, negotiating, executing and analysing cooperations.

linkr turns influencer marketing's most popular and powerful campaign types into easy to use templates that businesses can leverage to get started in under 5 few minutes.

Quick facts
  • One of 20 official Shopify sales channel partners.
  • 5000+ qualified influencers.
  • Over 200 brands representing more than 20.000 products.


Revolutionizing the gaming industry by offering:

  • A high quality network of game content creators with which publishers and e-tailers can work to create content and promote their products.
  • A distributed commerce system letting them rapidly setup landing pages or stores with which they can sell their products directly to consumers.
  • Social-commerce by allowing creators on YouTube, Twitch and alike to create their own stores through which they can sell the products of LIXLOX customers.

NXT Frontier

NXT Frontier is a creative software company and platform enabler with a strong communications and entertainment background.

Their primary solution is the "Hyper-audience" whitelabel solution. This solution is a marketplace between clients, their agencies and influencers - enabling them to produce and distribute content on various channels. The platform is completely whitelabeled, meaning customer's can integrate it in their own website and services.